7. Minimalist


Introducing “Minimalist  Interior Design Concept,” a celebration of elegant simplicity. This concept embraces clean lines, personalized minimalism, quality craftsmanship, and a timeless blend of classic and contemporary design elements. It offers a space that is both visually appealing and highly functional, reflecting the beauty of minimalism. Collaborate with our expert designers to create a harmonious, sophisticated, and enduring minimalist environment. Make your interior design dreams a reality with the allure of less.

This ebook offers 6 unique features:

1. 1 design for 10 different area.
2. 2D layout plans – Simplifying the arrangement of your living space.
3. 3D renders – Assisting in choosing the right design.
4. Detailed drawings – Essential for obtaining measurements for built-in cabinets, selecting materials, and appropriate colors.
5. Styling tips for every area – Providing ideas on how to decorate.
6. Contractor and carpenter directory – Help you find registered contractors to kickstart your home renovation.

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